Blog Creation

You just have to love that dirty big elephant in the room. So here it is. We’re on our way to 2020, and if your business doesn’t have a blog, it should have one. Simple as that.

What’s even simpler though, is that we’re here to fix it for you. We can create your blog, write awesome, regular content for it, manage your social media and make sure the sun shines wherever you are. We’re that good.

We know you may not be convinced by this internet thing, but over here at Arrival Web Media HQ we’re pretty sure it’s here to stay. Let’s embrace it together, get a funky blog up and running for you and watch you reap these stellar benefits


Whether we’re talking unlimited free PR (yup, that’s right), self promotion, increasing visibility, showcasing products or generating leads. A blog is the most cost-effective marketing technique out there. No exceptions.


Let’s drive some serious traffic to your company website through your blog via search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs have got all the capabilities to make google love you even more than we do. Time to leverage that, isn’t it?

Don’t get left behind

Blogging is both the now and the future. It’s content marketing on steroids. If you’re not blogging, you’re lagging. The benefits of blogging are there for everyone to see. Either steal a march on your competitors or don’t let them get away. We’re here to drag you into the 21st century.

Did you know?

92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog

Did you know?

Businesses that blog more than 20 times per month get 5x more traffic than those who blog less than 4 times per month.

Did you know?

Forbes reported that from 2009 to 2012, the percentage of companies with a company blog grew from 48% to 62%

Blog Creation Packages


Blog Management

Maybe you already have a kick-ass blog? Or you’ve had us design something  for you. But now you need to go about populating this beautiful marketing tool with reams of smart content.

Our writers, with their polished degrees and clever brains are ready to get your blog bouncing- in two languages if needed! With a steady stream of daily/weekly/monthly original content from our team, along with our social media help, your traffic should go through the roof.

We love to write stylish, engaging content, we love to push google’s traffic towards your products and services and we love nothing more than to help you enhance your brand with a voice matched to your company culture.


We can write as much content, or as little, as you need per month. In a wonderful little nutshell, the more content you write and the more frequently you publish the more impact your brand spanking new blog will have.

In a perfect world, you want to publish daily. At the very very least, your blog should be updated weekly. Once per day, Monday to Friday? Now, that’s a fine idea too. Just make sure your content is shared on Facebook and Twitter too. Articles start at around 500 words.


For all the good our wonderful internet has done for the big beautiful world it’s destroyed our attention spans.

Endless research suggests 500 word posts are just enough to keep people stimulated without them ending up running of to Facebook.

There’s nothing we like more than writing longer articles though, so if that floats your boat let us know and we’ll get our Mark Twain themed office cracking on that instead.

Blog Management Packages


We can discuss one hundred and one more scheduling options, and we’re happy to publish as often as you’d like, but here are our ball park figures…

*Based on 500 word articles


1 post per week
Sign me up!


3 times per week
This is for me!

Full house

1 article daily Monday to Friday
I want it all!


Do I have a say in the content?

Absolutely. We’re more than happy to take charge of it all, but equally if you’d like to approve/edit any of the pieces. We can organize it so you have the final say in everything

How many words are each piece?

As a standard our articles are around 500 words. Just long enough to demonstrate the brilliance of your company (and our writing), and short enough that your readers aren’t falling asleep at the helm.  Should you want more (or less) we’re happy to do so too! Anything that rocks your boat !

Am I held into any horrific contracts?

No way. We’re terrified of contracts too, this is on a month-by-month rolling basis. You can get rid of us any time you want, although we’re pretty sure that’ll never happen. We plan to be the cherry on your cake!

What software/CMS do you guys use?

Definitely WordPress! If you want the content in your own current WordPress blog we’re happy to post it for you at no extra cost, otherwise we’ll give it to you for you to manage at your convenience. Aren’t we flexible?

Can I provide my own content?

Absoloutely, in fact we recommend it. You can create as much content and publish as regularly as you want. It’s great to have a voice, we’d love to see you use it.

What about the Social Media promotion?

You’re more than welcome to do that yourself. However, we’re addicted to that stuff. Your teenage nephew ain’t got nothing on us. Check out our Social Media options and outsource the whole deal.